A featured ride

Sun 2 June, 2019

To celebrate the coming of summer, there was a last minute (but unanimous) decision for the coffee ride to return via Duxford Ford (see photo). James’ ride report After coffee at Aston Pottery, the lunch group continued into the headwind, a 50+ shades of grey sky with a smattering of insignificant moisture. Awkward Hill (its real name) in Bibury was less awkward this year, as compared to last year Bibury was comparatively devoid of the usual hords of tourists impeeding our path. That said, it was no less step than last year! Lunch at the Catherine Wheel was good. A side of chips was shared round with usual generosity, I have to say the Catherine Wheel should go into the Good Chip Guide, as they were excellent. The threatened rain shower(s) arrived during lunch, and our pet shower followed us most of the way home, the wind not feeling quite as tail as one would have hoped from the head wind before lunch. Full details »

Forthcoming rides and events

  • Sun 23 June, 2019

    Sunday ride to Waterperry and Chearsley

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    Waterperry for coffee then off round Otmoor and onto Chearsley for lunch at The Bell.  A few lumps, including Ashendon Hill either side of lunch but not too hilly apart from that.

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  • Sun 14 July, 2019

    Away-day/Trivets 100k

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    Riders of 50 and older will receive a certificate, but younger riders are also welcome to join us. Note that you do not need to be a member of Cycling UK to take part – but you do need to register with us. See below. Start 9:30 (9am if we have a slower group). Riding… Read More »

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Featured blog article

Cycle lights – James’ guide

9 December 2018

Winter time is upon us, so it is time to check your lights are working So, how should a cyclist be lit? A summary of the not straightforward “The Road Vehicles Lighting and Goods Vehicles (Plating and Testing) (Amendment) Regulations 2009” can be found here :-https://www.cyclinguk.org/cyclists-library/regulations/lighting-regulations. In summary, legally you need a BS 6102/3 front and BS 6102/3 rear lights and… Read More »

About us

Our cycling club is based in Oxford and we run regular Sunday rides, usually leaving at 9:30am from Broad Street. One of our experienced ride leaders takes us into the country at an average pace of around 20 kph – which means riding at 22-24 kph on the flat. We stop for coffee, when riders choose either to return to Oxford or to continue on to lunch. We welcome new riders to join our friendly group, lovers of the 3 Cs: coffee, cakes and chat. Click here for more details.

You can view a list of our past Annual General Meetings by clicking here.