A recent ride

Sun 11 March, 2018

There are times when it’s useful to have leaders who know the roads like the back of their hands. This was one of those times. First, being Mothering Sunday, our lunch venue was packed with indulged mothers and we were asked to arrive later than planned. Second, the chef had left unexpectedly. Third, there were a lot of us. All of which contributed to a very late lunch with still 40k left to ride back to Milton, to be then followed by a 40 minute drive back to Oxford. We needed a short-cut to avoid the prospect of getting home after 6:30. Thanks to our knowledgeable leader and a borrowed map to replace the now redundant Garmin, we made it back to our cars in reasonable time. Full details »

Forthcoming rides and events

  • Sun 25 March, 2018

    Sunday ride to Weston-on-the-Green and Lower Arncott

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    The first ride of British Summer Time. We may go to the Flight House or carry on to Bicester Avenue GC for coffee depending on timing and numbers. Don’t forget to get up an hour early!

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  • Sun 1 April, 2018

    Sunday ride to Waterperry

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    A modest run to coffee tackling the worst hills of the day, followed by a gently rolling ride to lunch. Our proximity to the village of Hinton-in-the-Hedges will remind us to look for that hole in the hedge which will lead us to lunch at Cherwell Valley services, where an unusually wide variety of lunch… Read More »

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  • Sun 22 April, 2018

    Sunday ride to Stratton Audley and North Marston

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    A flattish ride to coffee (a new venue) followed by a return to The Pilgrim for lunch. Most of the hills are on the way home, with plenty of mileage to prepare us for the summer.

    Full details...

Featured blog article

The Eddington Number

8 January 2018

By Jon Adsett, self-confessed “cycling n…” WARNING – Undertaking the Eddington number challenge can seriously affect how you go about your cycling and route planning! However if you spend lots of time like me pouring over ride stats and keep records of miles (or if you really have to – kilometres), this may be for… Read More »

About us

Our cycling club is based in Oxford and we run regular Sunday rides, usually leaving at 9:30am from Broad Street. One of our experienced ride leaders takes us into the country at an average pace of around 20 kph – which means riding at 22-24 kph on the flat. We stop for coffee, when riders choose either to return to Oxford or to continue on to lunch. We welcome new riders to join our friendly group, lovers of the 3 Cs: coffee, cakes and chat. Click here for more details.

You can view a list of our past Annual General Meetings by clicking here.

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