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Sun 29 September, 2019

Coffee, cakes and chat? The chat started unsurprisingly with a discussion of why one of our riders had been unable to adjust headset bearings after fitting a new stem. Plenty of expertise there. What was not quite so predictable (and much less easy to solve) was the discussion on The Nature of Belief. (Adaptive evolution?) Which led to “Why are we here?” And because one thing leads to another, someone couldn’t resist: Surely, it depends what you mean by “here”. At which point we reverted to safer ground discussing the forecast downpours or perhaps just pondered a while over our americanos. Well, this is Oxford after all! Full details »

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Sensible gears for recreational cyclists

1 August 2018

A 25 inch gear on a road bike? Unthinkable even a year ago How times have changed! And how quickly! If you’re familiar with chainsets, cassettes and other gear-related issues, please skip the rest of this paragraph…. If you don’t care about the technicalities, then actually it’s quite simple: just tell your bike shop that… Read More »

About us

Our cycling club is based in Oxford and we run regular Sunday rides, usually leaving at 9:30am from Broad Street. One of our experienced ride leaders takes us into the country at an average pace of around 20 kph – which means riding at 22-24 kph on the flat. We stop for coffee, when riders choose either to return to Oxford or to continue on to lunch. We welcome new riders to join our friendly group, lovers of the 3 Cs: coffee, cakes and chat. Click here for more details.

You can view a list of our past Annual General Meetings by clicking here.