Hills and gears

The need for lower gears The 18-20% hills encountered on a holiday weekend in Somerset reminded me of the need for appropriate gears. This is not so much of an issue for touring bikes, which tend to come with low gears in the first place. It is an issue, however, for many of our riders… Read More »

Cycling Chat

A few days ago was the warmest day of the year, when the temperature reached 17ºC – in Aberystwyth of all places! So, as we begin to forget the rides cancelled due to icy roads, we can look forward to the cycling pleasures coming up soon. Some of you will not have come across the… Read More »

Cyclists press for safer roundabout

20 October 2012

CTC Oxford City Secretary, James Dawton, has been in the news. The Oxford Mail reports that, according to campaigners, plans for a £2m revamp at an Oxford traffic blackspot provide an ideal opportunity to improve the site for cyclists. The Oxford Mail revealed in October that council bosses were considering big changes to the Kennington roundabout where… Read More »