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Sunday ride to Abingdon and Charney Bassett

Sunday, 23 November 2014 - 9:30am

Ride report

We were expecting a wet Sunday – no doubt the first of many as we approach winter – but it was a pleasant surprise to find that 7 riders had dug out their wet-weather clothes and were prepared to give it a go. Even as we were congratulating ourselves on the completeness of our waterproofing, 2 students cycled by in t-shirt and shorts.
While beer and a roast lunch is a long standing tradition, dessert is not. All it takes is one brave iconoclast to challenge tradition and all that pent up pudding lust is given free rein. In this case, after barely a moment’s hesitation, 2 more riders decided to follow his lead and brazenly ordered more sticky toffee puddings.
Only time (and many more Sunday lunches) will tell whether we will be able to re-seal this Pandora’s box…
Despite this indulgence, we rode home at a swifter than usual 22kph.

Ride leaders

Role Name

Full ride leader

Leader back from coffee

(No leader)

Ride venues and times

Venue Time


Broad Street, Oxford 9:30am


Throwing Buns, Abingdon 10:15am


The Chequers Inn, Charney Bassett 1:10pm


Oxford area
All of the times (apart from the start time) are approximate only, as weather or punctures may affect them.

Ride options and attendance

Ride option Distance Pace Attendees

Full ride

80km 20kph

Half day ride

Ride to coffee and back home again.

24km 20kph

The pace listed above is the average pace we do, so in general when cycling along the flat we will go a bit faster than the average pace. Please be aware of this if you are wondering whether you will be able to keep up on the ride.