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Sunday ride to Aston and Finstock

Sunday, 10 January 2016 - 9:30am

Ride report

As we rode out west, there were blue skies to our left. Then it began to rain – but nothing more than a few light showers as promised by the met office. It is not unusual to be held up by floods – but thankfully on this occasion we were alerted and turned back in time. It is, however, more unusual to be held back by sheep – just one of the pleasures of being out and about on our local country lanes. Another of the day’s pleasures was the kind lady driver who did an emergency stop to avoid crushing an expensive cycling computer which had somehow dislodged itself and had landed on the road in front of her. Women drivers! They are the best.

Ride leaders

Role Name

Full ride leader

Leader back from coffee

(No leader)

Ride venues and times

Venue Time


Broad Street, Oxford 9:30am


Aston Pottery, Aston 11:00am


The Plough Inn, Finstock 1pm


Oxford area
All of the times (apart from the start time) are approximate only, as weather or punctures may affect them.

Ride options and attendance

Ride option Distance Pace Attendees

Full ride

77km 20kph

Half day ride

Ride to coffee and back home again.

48km 20kph

The pace listed above is the average pace we do, so in general when cycling along the flat we will go a bit faster than the average pace. Please be aware of this if you are wondering whether you will be able to keep up on the ride.