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Sunday ride to Lower Heyford and Charlbury

Sunday, 26 May 2013 - 9:30am

Ride report

More than 20 riders gathered in Broad Street, our numbers swelled by ladies from ISIS who join us on the last Sunday of the month. The City group set off first together with 2 ISIS ladies who wanted to ride at a slightly faster pace. Kizzies in Lower Heyford is perfect for a coffee stop, especially when you can sit outside by the river (see our photos). We had a new leader for the full day ride, who had recently attended an informal training session on designing a route in Garmin Connect. The route was then transferred to a Garmin Edge 705 which Natasha borrowed for the day. Success! We didn’t get lost. There was, however, on the part of the less hardcore riders, a mutiny after crossing the Evenlode on the way home, when our leader signalled left to climb up towards East End. Not being familiar with the area, she was unaware of the alternative route straight ahead, avoiding the severe climb. The technophobes were quick to blame the Garmin, but unjustly so, since it was merely following the planned route (and what’s wrong with a bit of proper climbing anyway?). Blaming the Garmin is a bit like blaming your car, when you drive into the back of the car in front.

Apologies for the incomplete Garmin Connect route – we forgot to press record at the start!

Ride leaders

Role Name

Full ride leader

Leader back from coffee

Helen Beane - (Log in to see phone)

Ride venues and times

Venue Time


Broad Street, Oxford 9:30am


Kizzies Bistro, Lower Heyford 11:0am


The Bull Inn, Charlbury 1pm


Oxford area
All of the times (apart from the start time) are approximate only, as weather or punctures may affect them.

Ride options and attendance

Ride option Distance Pace Attendees

Full ride

72km 20kph

Half day ride

Ride to coffee and back home again.

48km 16kph

The pace listed above is the average pace we do, so in general when cycling along the flat we will go a bit faster than the average pace. Please be aware of this if you are wondering whether you will be able to keep up on the ride.