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Sunday ride to Ramsden and Combe

Sunday, 2 December 2018 - 9:30am

A not too challenging ride to the northwest taking in nice country lanes north of Leafield and Charlbury before a short ride back from lunch.

Ride report

“Not too challenging” the ride leader promised. Umm, not sure about that. Dividing the metres climbed by the distance in km gives 10.5. That’s actually quite hilly Mr Ride Leader! And Mr Website was remiss for not putting a gentle warning sign on the original map (see photo).

Mr Ride Leader has also promised to remember his Garmin next time! Promises, promises…

Several punctures today, including a tubeless tyre which wouldn’t inflate, apparently because the rider had forgotten to bring the required lighter fuel and lighter¬† https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abH9__WKMhc.

Disappointingly, a standard inner tube had to be fitted instead.

Ride leaders

Role Name

Full ride leader

Leader back from coffee

(No leader)

Ride venues and times

Venue Time Notes


Broad Street, Oxford 9:30am

Please arrive 5 minutes before the start time (especially if you are new, so that we can say hello and sign you up).


Charlbury Garden Centre, Ramsden 10:45am

For about half an hour.


The Cock Inn, Combe 1:00pm

For about an hour.


Oxford area 4:00pm
All of the times (apart from the start time) are approximate only, as weather or punctures may affect them.

Ride options and attendance

Ride option Distance Pace Attendees

Full ride

68km 20kph

Half day ride

Ride to coffee and back again.

48km 20kph

The pace listed above is the average pace we do, so in general when cycling along the flat we will go a bit faster than the average pace. Please be aware of this if you are wondering whether you will be able to keep up on the ride.

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